PIDDYBOT is an Open Source Self-Balancing Robot that was created to demonstrate the nuances of control algorithms. The Original PIDDYBOT was just a circuit board outfitted with components available from any hobby electronics website (like SparkFun, or Adafruit). This was a great way to introduce the robot to the Open Source and Maker community, while simultaneously proving that the platform worked. In the time since it's release, the Original PIDDYBOT has proven to be a strong teaching tool for control theory at academic institutions in Canada and overseas. More recently, We've designed a much simpler single circuit board, that allows those looking to build their own PIDDYBOT to do so for substantially lower costs.

To see and make your own original PIDDYBOT go here:

PIDDYBOT Component Version

Those who wish to have the new version, please keep an eye out for our upcoming .


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